This modular off-grid solar EV charger can be installed in just four hours


Campbell, California-based solar-powered EV charger company Paired Power has just debuted a modular, off-grid electric vehicle charger that is powered by a solar canopy.

The company has called its new modular charger PairTree, and it’s a transportable solar canopy with built-in EV charging capabilities. It can be used off grid, but it can also be hooked into the grid if desired. 

PairTree comes in 5 kW units using 10 bifacial solar panels each, and they can be customized with branding, lighting, and media options.

The AC charging station provides Level 2 charging, and 120V outlet panels can be added to support emergency or temporary power.

According to a 2022 McKinsey & Company Report, “On average, each person in the United States travels about 30 miles a day by private vehicle.” PairTree is designed to optimize EV charging loads to deliver up to 75 miles of daily range.

But PairTree supports the integration of up to 40 kWh of lithium iron phosphate batteries, which can can extend the EV’s delivered daily range to up to 230 miles.

Customers can pay using the Paired Powered app, which was developed with EvGateway, and the app also provides access to online support. Updates and diagnostics are conducted remotely on the EV chargers and solar.

PairTree can be installed in only four hours by two people. Check out the video below that shows it being erected:

Tom McCalmont, CEO and cofounder of Paired Power, said:

One of the biggest benefits of PairTree’s solar canopy design and model is that you can start charging on day one.

EV charging is no longer a fringe benefit for any location where a car might park; it’s quickly becoming a service that both average citizens and employees expect. There are various reasons why site owners don’t want to wait or might have restrictions on grid-connected EV charging or conventional solar canopies, and PairTree is the solution to bring any location quickly into the EV future.

PairTree is a flexible design that works in various settings, such as locations that have either maxed out their local grid capacity, or workplaces and retail locations that lease their property and don’t want to invest in permanent infrastructure. PairTree also can provide emergency backup power and temporary power for particular events.

It has a ballasted steel foundation, which avoids costly foundation work and permitting delays. It can be used in any climate and environmental setting. PairTree offers additional options of batteries and ground screws to secure the charger in high winds.

The photos in this article show a single unit, but PairTree can also be installed in multi-unit configurations, for multiple chargers in one location.

Paired Power is taking orders for PairTree now, and the company is expecting general delivery to take place in the second quarter of 2023.

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Photos: Paired Power

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