Acura unveils Precision Concept EV SUV


Acura has unveiled its new Precision Concept EV SUV and some limited details about the possible upcoming vehicle.

Acura unveiled the new Precision Concept EV as part of Monterey Car Week. The vehicle is looking to spotlight Acura’s new water-centric design language and upcoming EV lineup. However, with the vehicle still far from production and other manufacturers quickly entering the EV space, Honda and its Acura luxury brand may be late to the party.

Acura’s Precision Concept EV is a large two-row SUV with some of the most aggressive stylings to come from the automaker yet. The vehicle features mirrorless rear view cameras, a full light up front grill, no visible door handles, and a flowing design language that sweeps from the front of the SUV to the rear.

The minimalist and water-centric design language continues inside the cabin, where essentially all physical controls have been removed, replaced by two borderless displays; one in front of the driver and one above the center console. The steering wheel was replaced by a very aggressive and rectangular yoke fitted with two center-mounted knobs for screen control. The cabin is complemented by a surrounding set of water graphics and mood lights.

Technical specifications were absent from Acura’s press release. However, the automaker did reveal a couple of details. The vehicle will have two drive modes outside of the normal: “Instinctive,” which replaces the normal performance mode; and “Spiritual,” which operates as a nap mode, reclining the seat and pulling away the steering wheel.

If this vehicle is what the upcoming Honda Prologue will be based on, this could show that exciting design is coming to the brand. Still, the luxury EV SUV space is becoming ever more crowded, and the technical specifications will play a significant role in the buying decision of many consumers.

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Acura unveils Precision Concept EV SUV

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