Elon Musk says Tesla Cybertruck design is officially finalized


Elon Musk confirmed in a recent interview that Tesla has finalized the design of the Cybertruck and it is locked ahead of production, which is slated for 2023.

Musk sat down with members of Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, as well as Eli Burton and Ryan Levenson of the Kilowatts at Gigafactory Texas for a lengthy and revealing interview about Tesla, its CEO, and some of the finer points of the company’s day-to-day operations.

Tesla’s original Cybertruck prototype stuns at CVPR 2022 Conference

One of the most interesting parts of the interview was when Musk confirmed that the Cybertruck’s design was “locked,” stating that they may have “gotten carried away with,” before the others in the room said “features.” Musk appeared to confirm with a head nod.

Tesla first unveiled the Cybertruck in November 2019 in Hawthorne, California, but Musk stated over the subsequent months and years that the design was not finalized. At first, the dimensions of the truck appeared to be too large for residential garages, traditional parking spaces, Boring Company tunnels, and European streets. Musk revealed on the Joe Rogan Experience that Tesla would reduce the dimensions by 3 percent:

“That’s pretty much what it [the Cybertruck] will look like, with very small differences. You know, we adjusted the size a few percent. Like around 3% or smaller. You don’t want it to be a couple of inches too big for the tunnel.”

Musk appears confident that Tesla’s current design is the final one, and it would be a big step in the right direction for the truck. While Tesla hoped to start production before now, supply chain issues, semiconductor shortages, and other things out of the company’s control have affected the entire product line. Earlier this year, Tesla said it would delay any new product releases until 2023, hoping conditions would level out and become more relaxed. There was no point in attempting to ramp production of a new vehicle while the company’s order log grows due to increased demand. It would only make it hard to fulfill existing orders.

Musk also said in the interview that he believes the Cybertruck will begin production “in the middle of next year,” which would be roughly fifteen months after Gigafactory Texas started production and deliveries of the Model Y. It may be ideal to let the Texas plant continue its initial ramp of the Model Y before taking on a new manufacturing task for the Cybertruck, which will likely be a completely refined process due to the vehicle’s unique design.

Check out the full interview below! Parts 1 and 2 are also available for viewing on the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley YouTube page.

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Elon Musk says Tesla Cybertruck design is officially finalized

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