Dutch First Bio-LNG Plant Hits Production Milestone

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The project initiated by Nordsol, Renewi, and Shell has hit a milestone with the first one million kilograms produced at the Netherlands’ first bio-LNG plant. The facility has enabled about four million kilometers (2.4 million miles) of sustainable transport with heavy-duty trucks. The initiators of the milestone mark the validation that sustainable heavy-duty road transport is possible.

Nordsol’s bio-LNG plant in Amsterdam was opened in October 2021 by King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. The plant was officially insurance accepted and handed over from the Nordsol Projects organization to Operations in April. The plant produces 3.4 kilotons of bio-LNG per year and captures 6.3 kilotons of biogenic CO2.

As a renewable replacement for LNG, bio-LNG offers similar advantages as LNG does versus diesel, including reduced carbon dioxide emission, lower engine sound, lower nitrogen oxide emission, and significantly less particulate matter emission. Well-to-wheel, the GHG emissions balance of bio-LNG can be even negative, depending on feedstock and production methodology.

Bio-LNG is also a key element of an efficient, sustainable, and circular economy. The biogas from which Nordsol produces bio-LNG originates from organic waste from supermarkets, collected by Renewi. The recycler processes the waste and converts it into biogas through anaerobic digestion. Nordsol’s bio-LNG plant reprocesses the biogas into bio-LNG. Shell makes this bio-LNG available for its road transport customers at LNG service stations in the Netherlands.

The facility is a result of a cooperation that started in June 2020, through the formation of a strategic partnership between Renewi, Nordsol, and Shell. The start of construction of the first Dutch bio-LNG facility kicked off in November of the same year at Amsterdam Westpoort.

“Bio-LNG is the next step in making the cargo sector sustainable. Thanks to this collaboration we can offer our customers in the logistics industry a cleaner alternative, starting with road freight transport and, eventually, also maritime transport,” Marjan van Loon, President of Shell Netherlands, said when the facility officially kicked off production in 2021.

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