GM pokes fun at Tesla Cybertruck in strange Hummer EV Easter egg


GM has decided to poke fun at the Tesla Cybertruck with a strange Easter egg in the newly delivered GMC Hummer EV pickup truck’s software.

We have seen GM poke fun at Tesla before when launching new electric vehicles.

For example, before the launch of the Chevy Bolt EV, GM released pictures of one of its prototypes driving in front of Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto.

Later, when it was time to deliver the very first Chevy Bolt EVs, it did at the closest dealership to Tesla’s Fremont factory.

Now with the start of GMC Hummer EV deliveries, it looks like GM is again including a little Tesla Easter Egg.

A very good internet sleuth on the Cybertruck forum spotted a strange icon in the Hummer EV’s menu in one of the first Hummer EV reviews:

The icon shows a Hummer EV climbing on what appears to be a ramp at first, but if you look closer, you can clearly see that it’s actually a drawing of the Tesla Cybertruck profile:

What’s strange is that it’s under the “lights” icon despite the no light being visible in the icon, which makes it almost look like a mistake.

Either way, it appears to be in a good spirit of friendly competition, especially since the Hummer EV and Cybertruck are not direct competitors.

The Hummer EV starts at $80,000 and that’s the base version that is still a few years away while the Tesla Cybertruck is aiming for a much lower price point.

But there have been more serious talks recently about GM’s and Tesla’s places in the electric revolution.

Many took offense in President Biden giving GM CEO Marry Barra credit for “electrifying the entire auto industry”:

By all metrics imaginable, Tesla is responsible for electrifying or at least accelerating the electrification of the auto industry.

Even some automakers, including Ford and Volkswagen, have acknowledged that.

Yet, the Biden Administration has been reticent in acknowledging Tesla’s role in electrification despite the automaker owning about two-third of the US’ EV market.

Only more recently GM has been investing in electrification with new generation EVs based on its Ultium electric platform coming to market – starting with the GMC Hummer EV.

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