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Overseas Mobile Recharge

Now you can add credit to the pay as you go phones of friends and family overseas simply by dialling a UK telephone number. The charge is added to your landline telephone bill and the top up takes place instantly. The amount is converted to local currency as credited to the mobile phone number that you entered. It's a great way to show someone that you are thinking of them.

How Phone Credit Transfer Works?

Phone Credit Transfer

Do you wish to transfer your fixed line phone credit to another international mobile? Do you have a UK landline phone from which you wish to transfer credit to a mobile? Phone Credit Transfer is the best way to transfer credit from any fixed line phone to any prepaid mobile in the world. Your credit is transferred instantly in seconds.

How To Make An International Top Up

Overseas Mobile Recharge steps
for example: if you want to transfer credit to 00234822232382

  1. Dial 0913 537 9986 you will be charged £1.50 on connection
  2. Enter the full International number of the phone you want to top up followed by #
    (e.g. to top-up mobile number +92123456789 in Pakistan, enter 00 92 123456789 #)
  3. Listen to the voice prompt and dial 1 to confirm
  4. Your credit is sent instantly!

The cost of sending credit is £1.50 from most landlines and £2.00 from most mobile networks including Pay As You Go. This is converted in to local currency and added to the overseas mobile phone.

Destination Topup Value
Afghanistan 50AFN
Bangladesh 100BDT
Burundi 1000BIF
Cambodia 1USD
DR Congo 1USD
Egypt 5EGP
Ghana 2GHS
India 100INR
Liberia 1USD
Nepal 100NPR
Nigeria 200NGN
Pakistan 100PKR
Philipines 60PHP
Rwanda 500RWF
Somalia 1USD
Sri Lanka 100LKR
Syria 40SYP
Tanzania 1000TZS
Vietnam 10000VND
Yemen 115YER
Zimbabwe 1USD

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an International top up?

Simply dial 0913 537 9986 and at the voice prompt enter the full International number (starting with 00 and followed by the country code and the mobile number) followed by the # key. Listen to the voice prompt then press 1.

Can I make an International top-up from any phone?

You can top up from any phone that allows you to call numbers beginning 09 (Premium Rate), some service providers may block calls to these numbers, you can request that they allow you access.

Is the cost of topping up the same from any phone?

Costs vary depending on your service provider; BT, Sky and Talk Talk charge £1.50, Virgin Media and Tesco charge £1.53. Most of the mobile networks charge £2.00. If unsure, please contact your service provider before calling our top up number.

How long does it take for the top up to go through?

In most cases the top up is instant but occasionally there are some delays at the destination. We ask that you wait at least 2 hours before contacting us about top ups that have not been received.

Terms & Conditions

*By using this service you consent to the Terms and Conditions as follows:
You must have the bill payer's permission before calling. You will be charged £1.50 upon connection to our service. Charges are for calls made from a BT landline, rates from other service providers may vary, charges from mobile networks may be higher. Please check with your service provider before making a call. For customer services please call 0333 155 5030 or email support@12telecom.com. Service provided by Twelve Telecom Limited.