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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Planet Calling International topup

Planet Calling International topup allows you to make very cheap international calls from your mobile with no need to set up an account. The service operates on a pre-pay basis and calls are made using the available credit. Your mobile operator charges you the cost of the top up plus your standard message charge. We receive your payment, add the credit to your balance and text you back to confirm.

  1. Top-up directly from your mobile
    • Text us the message PLANET10 to the short number 79910 for £10 credit This text will cost you £10.00 plus your standard message charge and we will credit your mobile phone with £11 of call credit (£10.00 + £1 FREE Credit).
    • Text us the message PLANET to the short number 85787 for £5 credit
      This text will cost you £5.00 plus your standard message charge and we will credit your mobile phone with £5 of call credit.
  2. You receive a text back confirming your purchase.
  3. You dial the access number that we sent you and enter the number you want to call, paying the low rate for the international part of the call.

How do I use Planet Calling International topup

Simply dial the access number included in the confirmation text message, listen to the message, enter the full international number - do not press send / call again. You will then be connected.

Which phones can I topup from?

Top up by text message from any valid UK mobile number. The cost of the top up is charged to your phone bill or pay-as-you-go credit.
Please Note: Virgin Mobile cannot be used at the moment for topup.

Can I topup my balance?

Yes. Repeat the original top-up process - that never changes. If you have - for example - 20p remaining credit and you top-up with another £5.00 you now have £5.20's worth of credit to make calls. Simple!

What if I have sent a text requesting a top-up, but have not received a confirmation message back?

Generally a confirmation message is sent instantaneously, however very occasionally for example at peak times the mobile networks maybe congested which means that the confirmation message maybe delayed. Do not resend the message as you will be charged twice.

Are there any administration or subscription fees?

There is no administration or subscription fees, a connection charge of 5 pence is charged on each call.

Does my balance expire?

No, there is no expiry. Your credit will not expire at all !

Where can I find the rates for my destination country?

You can find call rates by visiting the rates calculator at the bottom of this page.

Is there a maximum amount of top-ups that I am allowed in one day?

Yes, you cannot top-up with more than £20 in one day. Customers are limited to two top ups per day.

How do I check my balance after each call?

To check your balance press #9 once you have dialed the access number.

How do I make up a follow on call?

For making a follow up call press ## once you have finished the first call.

How can I save my frequent dialed numbers for speed dial?

1. To save your frequent dialed numbers press #3 (this will take you to speed dial menu)
2. Choose a number between 1 and 9
3. Enter the full destination number followed by #
4. Press 1 to confirm speed dial or any other digit to repeat the process

Once a speed dial is saved customer just enters speed dial digit followed by # to connect (eg: 1# or 2#)

Are your services suitable for calling non-standard phone numbers?

Our services are not suitable for calling non-standard or non-geographic phone numbers (e.g. national or international free-phone numbers, personal numbers, premium numbers or other audio text services) and if such calls are made, they may fail, disconnect or will be charged at rates substantially above the prices advertised.

Do I get charged when I call your access number?

Our access number is a UK landline number, so if you have free calls to landlines, this should be a free call, otherwise the call must be charged as a standard UK landline call. For more info visit http://ask.ofcom.org.uk/help/telephone/03number

How can I avoid dialling the access number each time?

For convenience, you can save our access number in your contacts for seamless dialling. You can either save the number into the phone book on your phone in the regular way, or you can edit the numbers in your phone book to include the access number as well.
How to save a speed dial

Step 1:

Select the contact to edit

In front of their number, enter our access number eg. 03331555011

Step 2:

Add a pause

Tap the + * # key at the lower left of the screen and the keyboard layout will change to show a 'pause' button. Tap the Pause key
Tap the menu key then the 'add 2-sec pause' button, or just press the ',' button on your keyboard
Press * 3 times to show ' p '
Press and hold 0 to show ' + '
Motorola/Sony Ericsson
Press and hold * to show ' p '

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