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Call Back Feature for PAYG Callers

We have now enabled the call-back feature on our SMS service so customers with PAYG mobiles or with limited amount of inclusive free minutes/bundles, can now make low cost international calls using the SMS topup method.

How Call back works

Step 1 - Purchase credit using our SMS topup service
Step 2 - Once you have credit, phone the call-back trigger number 0330 977 9937
Step 3 - The system will either ring twice - or give busy tone - and disconnect
Step 4 - You will receive an incoming call from 0330 977 9937, once picked up there is a prompt saying - you have xx credit please enter your destination number

Cost: The call-back to a standard UK mobile will cost 1.5p/min - same as the rate on the SMS topup service.

Save on Calls from PAYG mobiles to UK Mobiles and Landlines

With the call-back feature customers can now call a standard UK mobile for 3p/min from PAYG mobiles - that's 1.5p/min for the call-back + 1.5p/min for the UK mobile rate per minute.

This is by far the cheapest rate in the market to call UK mobiles from a PAYG phone!

Mobile networks usually charge between 10p to 30p to call other networks.

For example, see call rates below in pence per minute:

  UK landline UK mobile Ghana mobile Cameroon mobile Nigeria mobile
Call back Option (1p + 1.5p) = 2.5p (1.5p + 1.5p) = 3p (13p + 1.5p) = 14.5p (1.5p + 13p) = 14.5p (1.5p + 4p) = 5.5p
Lyca Mobile 5p 10p 19p 24p 8p
Lebara 15p 15p 19p 24p 8p
TMobile 10p 10p TMobile PAYG plans    
O2 10p 10p O2 PAYG plans    
Vodafone 30p 30p Vodafone PAYG plans